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Raymond Pierson

Ever spilt your coffee as you are driving along wondering why your travel mug doesn’t fit in your car? 3DLT’s November Designer of the Month, Ray, is coming up with solutions to everyday problems… and he is using 3D printing to do it. Creating what 3DLT likes to call, “life hacks,” is what drew our attention to Ray’s exceptional portfolio of work. Next time you hear yourself say that words, “I wish I had something for that,” you’ll think of Ray and how 3D printing could solve your problems.

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Fahad Rafi

Fahad Rafi, 3DLT’s latest designer of the month, is an inspiring artist with a knack for 3D modeling. His engagement and excitement with designing (and more explicitly, designing for 3DLT) is what made us fall in love with his designs. His interest in aircraft design and aviation shine through his models, but what we really enjoy are his jewelry, more specifically, his bracelets. We have had the privilege to get to know Fahad in the last few months, and I can truly say that he is an unofficial member of our team here at 3DLT.

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