3DLT to Revisit Processes


3DLT is a lean startup. We've got a team of talented people working full time to bring our product to market. We recently placed our eCommerce site online for testing. Some of the images that were visible on the site were placeholders and were not approved for use. Two orders were placed for these fictitious products.

No money changed hands and no STL files were shared. We’re contacting the affected parties and informing them of the issue.The offending images have been removed from our site permanently.

As mentioned above, we're lean and we're moving fast. We got ahead of ourselves. The left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing and we made a mistake. We're embarrassed about this issue but we will learn from it.

To that end, we've conducted a complete review of the site. We've checked all of our site's static, promotional content to make sure we have proper authorization. We've also reviewed our designer agreement to ensure we've got the proper declaration of ownership and confirmation of use. We've reviewed all the files we've received thus far and reconfirmed they were submitted by designers who are under contract.

While thumbnail images of designs will be visible on our site, STL files are stored behind our pay wall. Consumers will not be able to download them without payment and credit to the designer. All sales will be reported to our designers, in real time.

We are also reviewing the process by which we onboard new designers. We are benchmarking industry best practices around onboarding and the vetting of creative assets. We will not launch until we are satisfied with our process and we will be transparent in our efforts. The final processes will be documented and displayed on our site.

We understand that this issue is bigger than 3DLT. There is much discussion in the market right now around the protection of 3D files. We know we're not in a credible position to take an active role in that larger debate. We're busy getting our own house in order. As part of that effort, we'll look at every possible option to protect our designer's assets. We'll also seek input from our designers and our community. When we're in a better position to engage the larger topic of 3D file rights management, we'll offer constructive input.

If you have questions or input that can help us improve our model, please contact us and share your ideas.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support of 3DLT.